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Below are some of the teachers that have influenced Sarah’s work.  There are many great resources for meditation, but it can be difficult is to sift through the plethora of information available.  Sarah values sharing information that might help in this search, so here are her recommendations.




  • A funny and poignant short explanation of what we are doing when we train our minds in meditation from witty teacher Pema Chödrön





Podcasts and dharma talks



  • Psychologist, author, and teacher Tara Brach teaches well on topics from self-worth, to investigation of triggers, to self-compassion.  Highly recommend her books as well.





  • An article on "don't know mind", a helpful concept for remaining open in relation to our thoughts




  • An excellent article about 'getting hooked' or triggered, and how to use awareness to respond rather than react


Recommended Books


A Path With Heart; After the Ecstacy the Laundry, The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield

How to Meditate; Taking the Leap; When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön

The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion by Christopher Germer

Mindsight and Brainstorm by Daniel Siegel

True Refuge and Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson

Awakening Joy by James Baraz

Lovingkindness; Real Happiness and Real Happiness at Work by Sharon Salzberg

Coming to Our Senses; Everyday Blessings; and Wherever You Go There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn

The Compassionate Mind by Paul Gilbert

Emotional Alchemy by Tara Bennett-Goleman


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