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One-on-One Skype Sessions

Sarah works with people for 30-minute sessions 1-3 times per week.  She builds the curriculum based on what the client is hoping to get out of the program.  She helps individuals establish goals, troubleshoot obstacles, and renew commitment and motivation. 


If the individual has mental health concerns, Sarah requires that they also see a therapist, and that meditation training is not confused for therapy. That said, because Sarah is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC, she can adapt meditation practices based on mental health issues and guide in gentle exposure to emotions, and help a person to ground if need be. 


Benefits of this format include:


  • Flexibility - Sessions are scheduled where they fit within a person's schedule, at their home or office.  This cuts down travel time to get to classes and needing to be somewhere at a certain time each week.

  • Tailored - Sessions are customized to how someone learns best, what they hoping to get out of the course, and can be adapted week-by-week

  • Motivating & Supportive - Having someone to discuss our practice with helps with commitment and perserverence

  • Accessible - Those living in more rural communities might not have access to meditation classes. This service allows an experienced teacher to come to them.


The format is usually about 5-10 minute teaching of method of the session's mediation practice and review of how daily practice is going, then a 15-20 minute guided meditation practice, followed by about a 5 minute debrief of the experience and setting of goals until the next session.  Some people like a more structured lesson, some prefer to process or meditate more, all this can be tailored to what works best for the person.


The cost of one session is $60 CAD + GST or $50 USD.  Sarah offers 6 sessions for the price of 5, $300 CAD +GST or $250 USD to encourage commitment to the process for a number of sessions that will allow an individual to get a sense of benefits for them.  Payment can be made via PayPal or email Interac transfer


For any questions or to schedule a free 15-30 phone conversation to ascertain fit of needs to this approach Contact here

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