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Sarah has been a fascinated observer of human behaviour since she was 3.  She remembers sitting on her mother's lap and by staying quiet peering into the adult world at social gatherings.  People’s callings often have early roots.  She has always been drawn to and curious about people – how they change depending on who they are with, how they feel, and how much inner beauty they too often don’t realize they hold, how mirrors can be held up to show them. 


This curiosity led her to study Psychology both in Montreal where she is from, and in Australia, where adventure beckoned.  She has studied Clinical Psychology and Coaching Psychology at a post-graduate level.  This allowed her to register as a Psychologist in Australia.  In BC she is a Registered Clinical Counsellor.  In 2005, one of her university professors recommended a book about mindfulness.  This book was Jack Kornfield's A Path With Heart, and it changed her life.  This set off an inquiry into Eastern philosophies' methods of answering the big questions of life.  So for 10 years she has been studying, practicing, and experimenting with various Buddhist philosphy methods.


One of her earliest memories is swaying in a hammock next to the lake where she grew up and watching the play of light in the leaves above her in the large oak tree.  She felt awe and at peace. Her love of nature is interwoven with her meditation teaching and life.  Each day she connects with the rainforest where she lives, and this allows her to provide a grounded presence that is close to the lessons about pace and process that nature provides, and that is containing for others in their exploration of deeper layers of self.


Sarah aims to be a humble teacher, learning just as much from her students as they from her.  She values being embodied, compassionate, flexible and attuned.  Ethical practice as well as keeping up with research and evolving theories in her profession are also important to her - curiosity as always guiding the inquiry.  She feels very fortunate to be under the mentorship of a Senior Teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition as authenticity is also hugely important to her.


In 2014 she moved to Vancouver Island because her meditation practice had been leading her to live a slower life to hear more subtle forms of communication from within and around her.  She lives in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, and regularly visits the heritage Cowichan river.  She explores to find spots to sit and watch wonder unfold.  She feels grateful that technology now allows her to connect with people living all around North America, and that she can bring the peacefulness of the forest to them as well as host retreats to share the places she's discovered.

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